Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet Mistakes

And if you love the girl man,
light up a torch

Blaze a trail to her front porch

Kiss her til your lips are scorched

Til the rain comes down on you

Bless your sweet mistakes,
That crumble you down to your knees.

That brought you to this place
Changing you by degrees...
When change was just what you needed...
What you needed...

--Ellis Paul--Sweet Mistakes

Of course all shit breaks loose just before I leave for Amsterdam. Just when I'd begun to think it wasn't possible to actually meet a man outside of the contrived website dating extravaganza, I meet someone the old-fashioned way..through common interest--wine. We have been dancing around one another for about a year now. And last week when he saw me with another man (the one who's taking me to Amsterdam), he just couldn't leave it alone. He comes over for a visit & brings dinner from the place we both really like. I open a bottle of Pinot Noir---Soter 2005 from Oregon(yes I actually DO drink Oregon Pinots, believe it or not!). And not THAT. But we do discuss the attraction & he does ask me to wait a few weeks while he works some stuff out--bad break-up, etc. Here it is: the "knocks the wind out of me" feeling--the one I haven't felt since the bull. Both of our hearts racing, the line above: "kiss her til your lips are scorched." Wow.

And now, with the guy who is amazing enough to take me to Amsterdam, what now? He says he doesn't have expectations beyond companionship & adult conversation, but....he doesn't rock my world.... yet....I guess he might grow on me & I really MUST give him a chance. Dare I comment again; the nice guy. But my wine drinking friend is also a nice guy...with the edge I think I like...all I can say now is....WOW, what a ride!


Incognito said...

I love Ellis Paul; I left a note on your FB page. Bon Voyage!

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RJM said...


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RJM said...
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