Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What is it about my blog & people who snoop? This is the second time that my blog has been used to out a relationship--I guess I should get it by now. But in all honesty there is nothing to out--my current relationship situation is totally above board--so for those who spend hours trying to analyze every nook & cranny of what I've written to attempt to find subversive & dishonest behavior, well, all y'all need to look somewhere else! Everything I've written about is honest--I am not very good at putting lies out into the stratosphere--anyone who knows me & reads this blog can tell you that much..what you see is what you get. And with regard to my relationship with Xing Fu--it is as honest as it can get--which is a massive relief--he has integrity & character--such important qualities for me.

Again I thought about shutting down the blog or making it "Invitation Only" but after much discussion & thought, I decided that I had nothing to hide and as Xing Fu so aptly put it--that this blog is a part of me--that writing is integral to who I am. If folk like to read it, great. If not, it ain't really for them anyway. Feel free to say what you want--but as
Baltimore Magazine pointed out--I never name names...so draw your conclusions about the identities of the folk I write about, but people can't be 100% sure if who they think I write about is indeed that person.

One other note--the tracker sees all....

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Incognito said...

As you know, you and I both have had our share of blog issues. What I have found is that when people go looking for information about you (or me), they end up learning more about themselves than they might have bargained for and it totally freaks them out--though it might take them a while to figure that out. In the meantime, things could get tough for you, but don't give up.

Written words are much more misinterpreted than the spoken word because the intent cannot always be known.

Wonder what your readers are finding out about themselves today? And yes, the statcounter knows all . . . . hang in there.