Sunday, February 21, 2010

Massively Busy

This weekend was a whirlwind of massive proportions--I don't think I checked Facebook or any other emails the entire weekend--just so much going on--I even meant to blog a little but just never got to it.  Being back at TKD is wonderful!  I am sore but I am just so happy to be back on the mat...feels like coming home.  That was Friday night.  Saturday brought the annual Bowing Ceremony--for some reason this year there were a lot of tears--it was very moving.  Both my son & I received a rare hug from our Grandmaster, which was very nice--a good feeling going into my son's Demo Team performance today.  I am always grateful to be part of this group of people--TKD isn't just a sport--it's a caring & supportive community--

Prior to the Bowing Ceremony it was the obligatory Wine Tasting with the best friends, although this time Xing Fu joined us.  This was also the first time BFF(A) met him so another test of a sort.  Also, since SM was also there, it was kind of a slightly awkward moment as I watched for reactions from both guys--they both knew of the other's existence--but in this case most of my attention was where it needed to be (of course the wine!) but mostly on Xing Fu.  My BFF(J) said that SM seemed a little like a lost puppy...not so sure about that, but what can I say?  Missed opportunity.  

Saturday evening Xing Fu & I had some fun music plans....the rescheduled Alex Gray Winter Solstice Festival.  No longer Winter Solstice but it was cool just the same.   A great local band, Telesma, with all types of musical instruments, including a didgeridoo,  played some intense music  while Alex Grey & his wife Allison painted original works.  Amazing talent was on serious display--super show & a lot of fun.

 After the concert Xing Fu & I found ourselves talking until 4 in the morning--we always have so much to say to each other & just laughing--he is so easy to be with--I always enjoy our time together--again I say, I am a lucky gal!  Even now as I write, I have a huge grin on my face...

Today was my son's Demo Team--they kicked ass!  I was so proud of the team--synchronized to the max--just awesome!  

Later dinner with Xing Fu & then home to wrap the weekend--it was massive--I was surrounded by the people I care about & am grateful for--again, lucky, lucky, lucky...Karma can be a very good thing!

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