Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I am so predictable. Of course I would post about Valentine's Day this year. Last year I escaped to the Princess Room because I knew that my Valentine's Day with the Bull would be a bust. I was so right about that. This year was the complete opposite...I made a great dessert which was very appreciated on many levels & I spent it with my uncommon & exciting BF who seems to make me sing whenever he is over...I am a lucky chickie--I say this a lot, I know. But it is what I feel & reflecting on past Valentine's Days brings up the feelings of gratitude I have for the Universe....

Valentine's Day when you are single can really suck! As I've indicated, the last few years I've escaped to Florida to visit my folks during VD weekend because the thought of being at home without anyone was just so depressing. In fact, I've noticed that a few folks on Facebook have had similar sentiments. What concerns me is the depth of some of the pain they've put out there. Even in the height of my anti-Valentine's Day sentiments, I never hit rock bottom or held out that a lost love would come back, or advertise a horrid break-up (other than on this blog--but I don't think anyone could accuse me of being deeply depressed as a result). I don't know their full story of course but I hope that they're getting some therapy....We single gals always talk about how sucky VD is when there's no one & of course Sex & The City talks about it as well as the new Valentine's Day movie, which I saw on Friday--cute fluff but predictable of course. My point to all this is: yeah, I know I am blessed with a great guy now, but I wasn't always, & so I am truly grateful for what has come my way. All of my friends say that I deserved to be happy & I am--almost deliriously so, but been there, done that & I appreciate what others are going through now. It will get better! Positive attitude speaks volumes--that's what I think I had going for me all of the time--that I never gave up hope & always looked to the future.

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