Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Snowbound Test

Any test to a new relationship is the time that you first spend an entire weekend together. That usually doesn't happen too quickly & Xing Fu & I haven't been seeing each other that long so this Blizzard of 2010 was a true test. We were both a bit worried but didn't say anything. The storm was imminent and he was heading to my place. We wanted to see each other over the weekend but were definitely concerned about the snow--he had numerous projects to tackle at his place & I had my dog who couldn't be left at my place obviously, so being snowed-in was a concern. (My kid spent the blizzard at his best friend's house--he was much happier there then being stuck with his mom--that 'tween stuff--moms just ain't so cool).

So what to do? I didn't want him to get stuck at my place because I'd feel horrible if he didn't get his projects completed, but could I suggest that I bring my dog to his place & help him? That was a huge imposition one, and two, that assumed he'd be ok with it. Also--as my friend CFW stated, "there's another test of a relationship--the home project test." Soooo...a lot riding on this snow storm...would it make or break us?

Anyhow, the dog came with me to his place. And then the snow, snow, snow, snow. On Saturday afternoon, we both looked at each other with relief & said that we'd been a bit worried about being stuck together for this long, that the projects wouldn't get done or that we wouldn't work well together, & that the dog would shed everywhere or be a bad houseguest. Again the Karma gods smiled on us--not only was the dog perfectly behaved, but we had a blast, and accomplished everything we set out to do. If anything, it confirmed what we've been thinking all along--that this feels right and we are moving steadily in the right direction.

When I got home on Sunday afternoon my snow service hadn't removed the snow so Xing Fu & I tackled my front walk. He is so concerned about my surgery & how I haven't been cleared by the doc--wanting me to be careful--but so far so good--I just don't expect the guy to do all the work--I need to pitch in too.

Later, we joined my son at BFF(J)'s house to watch the Super Bowl. Yea Saints!!! Again, I was very happy to see how at ease he was with my friends--another test of a sort. The Karmic gods continue to smile & my smile is even larger.

This Blizzard will be one for the record books...mine too.

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