Wednesday, February 3, 2010


See you in your dreams
See you in your dreams
Looking your way,
Holding you close.
I gaze into your eyes,
Touching your soul.

--See You In Your Dreams--TR3 (Tim Reynolds)

"Bashert, (באַשערט, also transliterated besherte, beshert or besherter) is a Yiddish word that means "destiny". It is often used in the context of one's divine soulmate, and thus has romantic overtones."

Is it? It sure feels that way...

Received an email this morning saying:
"Wanted to call you last night. Meant to call you last night. Did not call you last night. Have no idea why not. I'm beating myself up over it now."

I had felt the same way--my response was to cut & paste the same thing & then add: "great minds think alike."

Is this my "corresponding puzzle piece"? And could I be anymore sappy? But it would seem that the universe has answered me--set me up for this--cleared the way & prepared me--after the Bull I think I absolutely appreciate what has come my way & I'm very happy that I didn't tempt Karma either.

Recently I've been reading a few articles posted on Slate ( & Atlantic
Marry Him! - The Atlantic (March 2008) that discuss "settling" when you're in your 40's & single. Frankly I'm glad I haven't...I do believe that things happen for a reason & throughout this blog I have insisted that I won't settle & I haven't! The articles angered me a bit actually. Why should anyone take the guy that they don't want because they feel that there's no one else out there...that just sucks in my humble opinion.

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