Sunday, March 7, 2010

Countdown To Racing

Haven't said too much about sailing recently--makes sense--it's not the season, obviously.  But Xing Fu & I figured that there were about 6 weeks until Spring racing starts again, and we're both counting down the days, hours, minutes.....It is a very good thing that we both race because summers would prove to be quite difficult otherwise...we both hope to race more together this summer...remains to be seen, but something we think would be great fun.

It's getting closer, though.  Picked up the March copy of Spin Sheet the other day...Just flipping through the pages just makes me so antsy.  I also received a few emails from a couple of the boats I sail on as well, and gladly I'll be returning when the season starts again.  Hopefully I'll get down to the Crew Listing Party again this year--at least this time I'll be far more aware of what to expect. 

In the meantime, watching & having intense racing discussions with Xing Fu which helps pass the time. 

Soon, soon, soon....

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