Monday, March 22, 2010

I Win, You Lose!

Just a fantasy of mine--tomorrow is the much-anticipated Spoon concert down at the 9:30 Club in DC.  I've really been looking forward to it immensely as Spoon is one of my favorite bands--anyone who reads this blog knows that simply because I often post Spoon lyrics here.  I can't wait to share this great band with Xing Fu.  I haven't been back to the 9:30 Club in about a year--ever since Nada Surf, actually.  Going back down there gives me a lot of mixed emotions--especially since Spoon is a shared favorite band of a certain other Taurus I my fantasy is this:

Since it is entirely possible that I could conceivably run into the Bull at this concert, I think it would be just awesome to walk up to him & tell him that he lost--he lost me & now I have a wonderful guy who would NEVER treat me the way the Bull did.  "So now you've won."
That statement comes from the last text I received from the Bull.

Actually, I did.


The Archer said...

"I think it would be just awesome to walk up to him & tell him that he lost"

Or you could look at him, flash a content little smirk, turn and give your white knight a kiss. If he's truly a type A personality that will grind on him more than a in his face razzberry.

Incognito said...

I agree with The Archer; sociopaths love ANY kind of attention, even negative attention. Just something small like that smirk would be enough. Engaging him in any way only fuels his power, unfortunately. I've learned that the hard way. That's why most info regarding sociopaths recomment "no contact" (whatsoever). It's like food to them.

Hope the concert was a blast!