Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blow The Guy! (Warning: contains sailing stories)

Finally! Finally! Finally!  Back out for Wednesday Night Racing on the West River.  And I almost didn't make it!  I was running quite late & the weather was wreaking havoc on the roads--dock time was 5:20 & I knew the boat might leave without me--that would totally suck!  But I got there in time.  It feels like forever but despite the ick rain & slightly "cool"  temps, we had a great sail.  Not counting being pushed off-course at a really good start under the chute (which I flew), & then as a result running aground because we ended up on the wrong side of the mark (not our fault). But I had a blast & the people on board were a lot of fun--especially the two younger dudes who'd never sailed or for that matter raced before.  As we're getting ready for the race--getting sails up, looking at the course, etc., the boat Xing Fu is on sails by..he yells across at me, "You made it!"   I hadn't noticed them going by because I was trying to get set for the jib so it was nice that he called out to me. 

Here we were at the start & getting ready to round the mark--the skipper is telling the noobs what needed to happen and what they need to do to get ready for the windward tack & the douse.  She says, "You'll need to blow the guy."  The one guy responds, "I'll do a lot of things but blowing the guy is where I draw the line!"  We just about lost it!  In fact, I think I collapsed the chute because I was doubled-over laughing.  Those of us who sail, occasionally take for granted that people know terms--we never think twice sometimes.  But, what that really means is that one of the lines that is connected to the spinnaker needs to come off of the winch so that the sail can be taken down.  After that, all terms became somewhat pornographic, at this point we really weren't racing anymore so it was a good practice & time to just enjoy a brisk sail.  By the end of the race, it just felt like coming home again...being on the water just feels right.  

After the race, everyone goes to dinner.  Again, a lot of fun..Xing Fu & I met up afterward to talk about joining a boat for the NOODs next weekend.  We will sail together on the last day of the 3-day races.  Looking forward to it!  

Like I said, it is great to be back out there racing & I agree with Xing Fu that it's also great when your "squeeze" also loves to sail...even coming home to watch a bunch of sail boats broaching on youtube...I'm still riding the adrenaline high! 

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