Monday, April 5, 2010

Lucky! Part II

"Behind bad luck comes good luck."  

--from a fortune cookie I had on Friday night

When I wrote my last blog post about being lucky, I never realized how true that theme would follow throughout the weekend...

Our plan for Friday was to go have dinner in Chinatown down in DC & then go to the 9:30 Club to see Nada Surf.  Funny again how things come full circle.  The last time I saw Nada Surf was with the Bull & we also ate dinner (actually late night @ 1:30 AM) at one of the best authentic Chinese restaurants in DC called Full Kee on H Street.  First lucky was finding on-street parking rather quickly--it was hopping on Friday--I think everyone & his brother was out enjoying the warm night.  When we got to the restaurant there was a bit of a line & we became concerned that by the time we were seated  & eating, we might miss the 10:30 start for Nada Surf.  Luckily, the line moved rather quickly & we were soon seated in a relatively quiet back corner with the requisite Chinese Zodiac place mats.  We immediately looked to see if we were compatible.  Xing Fu is a Rabbit & I am a Sheep & of course we are the most compatible--do I need to say anything more?  Having done a bit of research, I knew what to order that would yield the best results.  The outstanding dish was the Oyster Casserole--the oysters were plump & HUGE and the delicate fresh ginger sauce was amazing.  It was a great dinner & we agreed to go back again.  Out the door & on our way to the 9:30 Club--we made it, found great floor spots, & the band started 5 minutes later--LUCKY.  It was a great show--enjoyed hearing the songs that I know so well & they can really rock during their live show--At the end of the show, the drummer threw out one drumstick & lucky as the theme has been, Xing Fu caught it!  That night we stayed up talking almost until sunrise--we just have so much to talk about--it is amazing that there are so many levels that we connect on.

Saturday was another beautiful & jam-packed day.  We decided to go to Cylburn for a picnic before wine tasting with BFF(A).  Cylburn was simply delightful & we shared a nice white wine with prosciutto di parma, strawberries, cheese & crackers to go alongside.  It was so nice just to enjoy the sun, we had briefly thought about finding a spot along the water as we are both jonesing for a sail, especially since the weather was so perfect & racing season is so close; we were missing the water.  After our picnic, we swing by & pick up my BFF(A) for winetasting.  We then were having dinner all together & watching the Final Four games--of course with a careful eye on the WV-Duke game.  It was a packed day & very nice evening & the luck continued with the teams going on to the championship--my bracket looks pretty good right about now despite so many upsets...

On Sunday, we parted for most of the day as we both had much to accomplish before the work week & my son was coming home after a busy weekend himself.  BFF(A) & I decided to be ladies of leisure, relaxing outside in the sun & reading magazines--always a rare occurrence.  It was nice to have girlfriend time & not have to worry about anything--our boys were out riding bikes & helping her husband do yard work.  Later, Xing Fu came back for dinner & our busy weekend ended.

Xing Fu & I realized that Luck did figure prominently all weekend--all I can say is that I am lucky to have found such a great guy--we really are great compliments to each other & everyday that becomes clearer.

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rkeats said...

What an amazing chapter in your life. It's about time that things went well for you and I am enjoying reading and basking in your joy. With spring and soon summer, it seems that the many great things that you have worked so hard in your life to achieve are coming due. Finally, you have experienced enough sour to appreciate sweet.

However, unless you want me to start speaking in a special language shared only by sisters, you had best stop reading this response and get your ass back to work either doing the job that you are paid to do or the one that will eliminate the need for me to call you multiple times per day and leave nasty music voicemails from artists who I know you loathe-- Paula Abdul anybody? "Two steps forward, you take two steps back! We get together 'cause opposites attract!!"

Love, love, is all you need.