Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lime Tree

Spark a match and watch the candle burn
the wick runs out and love takes its turn
on fallen angels and broken sounds
we will last past the final round
it took a while for you to find me
because i was hiding in the lime tree
above the city in the rain cloud
i poked a hole and watched it drain out
parallel to the city streets
our broken crowns beneath our feet
but as we walk across the diamonds
we know that love is always shining
so save me love save me all the time
i'll wash you down with a simple sip of wine
and toast my glass to all my loved ones
to let them know that the stars well they still shine

Trevor Hall

"The lime tree is the symbol of conjugal love, the quality, hospitality and modesty. This symbolism is to decrease/go back on Ovid's narration of Philemon and Baucis, the old married couple, the nothing more desired than dying itself together, so that none of them would have to experience the death of the other one. Zeus met this desire, when death came to them, to them transformed it the two into trees; Philemon into an oak and Baucis into a lime tree.

Knowing this, its easier to decipher what this song actually means.....

It's a song about intense love for a soulmate.
The line "i was hiding in the lime tree" is his way of saying he was waiting for his mate all along in a place where lovers lay.

As the myth goes, after the gods had been rejected from every home they had visited, philemon and baucis were the only good people left in the world; the gods flooded the rest of the city leaving only the small cottage..
hence the line "above the city in the raincloud i poked a hole and let it drain out"


elisabetta said...

I was looking for this info since a long time, i'm italian and Trevor is not known here! Thank you, really!! you helped me to find out what was the right meaning of this amazing song !!

Anonymous said...

very pretty . thank you <3