Sunday, January 9, 2011

April is a Long Way Off

Been a nice weekend.  It wasn't one that I shared with Xing Fu but doesn't matter so much at this point--had plenty to do.  One biggy was meeting up with my crew down in Annapolis for the J-30 one-design awards luncheon.  As always, it was great to see everyone--I have found that I miss them quite a lot & am looking forward to April 16th--the first regatta of the season.  My calendar is already marked with the major races & my folks already know that this summer they will be taking my son down to North Carolina for camp as that same weekend is Screwpile.  As I drove into Annapolis, I looked out over the harbor & it was just a a wee bit depressing seeing very few sticks at AYC & the snowy frost rimming the water...sigh, April is a long way off.  

Also spent a nice bit of time with my BFFs--big wine tasting this weekend--major stock-up at one place & of course we finished out out our usual haunt, tasting some really nice cabs.  Actually went twice--BFF(J) made me go when all I wanted to do was get a coffee at Starbucks (the wine store is next door) and hustle down to Annapolis in time for the luncheon.  So I tried a few in a real rush & then at leisure after the luncheon when I came back.  This year there weren't so many sold out by the end of the day so we didn't miss much.  But as usual it was just great being with my friends--all of them this weekend--wish I didn't need to go back to work--I wanna sail!   But, the Ravens won--woohoo!

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