Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Been a while since I wrote--Perhaps a bit of writer's block or just busy living & enjoying what life's bringing my way.  

Last night I went out to dinner with MAC--she's been seeing someone as well--about 6 months in. We meet for dinner a lot & of course we talk about what's going on.  And it was kinda cool last night when she said to me that even after a year it seems that Xing Fu & I are still keeping it fresh.  She remarked that we haven't settled into a pattern, that I always seem so happy about the two of us & I am to be sure.  It was great to hear these things--a mirror up.  I talked to her about the "I love you because..." & how that has been such an important addition to our "couple's repertoire".  Her response was that we're the couple that makes everyone gag--but that it was so nice to hear.  And even though we make y'all gag, it does have an impact on our ability to navigate the tougher waters...

Another important component of of keeping everything moving forward has been working on bringing our families closer.  It is a slow process to be sure but, an important one.  Up until relatively recently (and I just haven't felt comfortable about discussing it on this forum until now), we've had very separate halves--getting our kids used to the two of us together is important.  Been thinking about that a lot & it seems that everyone involved has been doing pretty well with it--getting to know one another, accepting the other person (and boy, do I hear about nightmares), & continuing the slow & steady way that we're approaching this extremely important part of our lives.  Maybe I'm over-reaching here but in my mind the kids wouldn't be so accepting if there were unstated issues or if there were some currents--I think they're sensing our happiness with one another--something that perhaps they haven't seen in their parents before.

I know, I know...GAG!!! 

"Get a room!"

"Can I have a fry?" 

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