Saturday, January 1, 2011

"I Love You Because..."

Read an article in Redbook magazine recently that I think is a really good reminder of positive couples communication.  Often, after reading these self-help articles, I think to myself, "Yeah, that's kinda obvious."  But frankly, I think that we often lose sight of what appears to be obvious in print.  Anyhoo, the article is entitled: "When was the last time you & your guy ______?"  It lists many activities but the ones that stood out were the fill-in-the-blank answers of "held hands", "really made out",  "cooked a meal together", "danced", and "said I love you because".  All of these build communication in some way & re-ignite the connections that we may sometimes take for granted, but I really liked the last one as did Xing Fu.  In fact he reminded me of it tonight when we spoke and it has since inspired my first post of 2011.  We often say to our significant others (boyfriend, children, family members & friends) that we love them.  Usually it's that quick, "Love ya'".  While it is certainly nice to hear--a very specific reason is much, much better.  It builds the appreciation for that person that you are saying it to.  In the article it is specific to a significant other but why not say it to your kids, parents, etc.  We don't show our loving appreciation enough--and as the new year begins, it seems like a timely occasion to let those important people know. 

I liked the other fill-ins as well--what I like in particular is that many of the suggestions, Xing Fu & I do already.  I can only hope that in the new year we continue not to take one another for granted & continue to fully enjoy where our relationship grows.

Finally, I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve; mine was spent with some of my favorite people watching some damn fine fireworks from the Baltimore harbor.  All the best for 2011.


Incognito said...

I like that, too, Lynn; I may borrow the idea for this year to remind myself to tell those who mean so much to me how I feel about them.

Our New Year's sail was cold, but invigorating, and, I think, a good portend of things to come! Peace and a great year to you!

rkeats said...

I love you because you help me to see the world differently. You're not always right and you're not as wrong about things as some might lend you to believe but you do have a special spin on the world that is unique to you.

Thanks for sharing your new year's celebration with me. Perhaps sometime we can celebrate in my part of the world?

Sailorgrl21 said...

Thanks to you both--I have found that statement to mean a lot already--the specific reasons just make it that much more meaningful. So, to my sister: I love you because you are always there when I need you to hold my hand & sometimes knock some sense into me. To my cousin: I love you because you read my blog & often have insights & supportive words to share.