Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last year we were brand new & my feet never touched the ground.  This year I'm happy to say that even though my feet have found the solid earth, I am still glowing.  For Valentine's Day I made reservations at Miss Shirley's which is open usually only for breakfast & lunch but makes an exception for Valentine's.  They have a great menu & I thought it would be nice to celebrate there.  My BFF(A) & her husband joined us & we had a wonderful dinner.  Before dinner Xing Fu brought me a dozen long stemmed red roses--I am a sucker for roses--actually usually any flowers, but these were quite beautiful.  No stuffed animals in sight.  I had painted him a little picture of some sailboats which I gave to him & had pasted a copy of e.e. cumming's poem entitled "yes is a pleasant country".  That poem has always meant a lot to me--pretty sure I've posted it on the blog too.    It was a wonderful evening--we are lucky.  

Today I came across the following article:  How Do You Know When You're In Love.  I really liked what it had to say (not just about being married--again, this applies to LTRs as well) & reminded me of how I often think about Xing Fu in that way.  The downside from the article: I don't ever want to get to the point where I only tolerate him...if that ever happens, it will be time for us to part ways.  I honestly can't think of when that will happen and that is a good thing.  But I was struck by what the author had to say about the Scottish couple he stayed with--how long they'd been in love & the seemingly "little things" that kept them connected.  Saying goodbye for example--that longing, however small, to be with the one you love.  Or wanting the person you are with to be happy--seeing their joy & it then being wrapped up in your own sense of well-being & happiness.  Being in the presence of the love of others & appreciating that. 

It truly was a weekend & Valentine's Day for the record books--been a long time coming. 

"You don't know. And I don't know. You have to look for yourself. Measure carefully and you'll almost always be right."

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