Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I received an email this afternoon from a guy from one of the dating sites I thought I'd discontinued a long, long time ago.  (I went back & made sure to cancel the subscription.)  All of a sudden I was transported back over a year ago to my continued online quest for no more frogs.

"OK, so I appreciated the honesty, charm and smarts of your profile -- rare in the online world. As I read it, I kept nodding my head "Yes" so much, that now I have a neck ache. (You'll be hearing from my attorney.)" 

He seemed like a nice, earnest guy--called my desire for a man between the ages of 40-55, "quaint" (he is 59), & seemed rather literate--possibly someone I may have been interested in at the time (but the age difference does give me some pause).  While it was nice to receive the email, I am grateful that I am no longer "on the market" & sent Xing Fu an email telling him as much.    So strange to think about it--in such a different place--now more worried about communicating thoughtfully & enjoying even the mundane in our relationship.  Certainly no more negative alone on Valentine's Day sentiments.  Just don't give me any stuffed animals.

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