Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bad Dates

Where to start--Think about the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy goes to eat the date, tosses it up in the air to let it fall in his mouth, his buddy grabs it before it falls in, points to the dead monkey & says "Bad dates". And that sorta sums up the parallels between episodes. I can't even begin to say how kinda ick this weekend has been. Not horrible--I keep learning more & experiencing more. Which isn't a bad thing. Scene A & Scene B.

Let's go to Scene B: I met this guy online--same site as where I met the bull. I call him the preacher-man. I should have been warned to the real quirkiness by the fact that he had 11 children. All with the same woman--of course... And that he was a former Evangelical pastor. I was intrigued by this person & he seemed cool & wrote quite eloquently. But again, shoulda been tipped off by the amount of texting & phone calls I received once it was confirmed there was an interest. There IS such a thing as too much interest too soon.

But I was very curious about someone who had been quite sheltered for so many years & would reject it all & become a hippie-type-ish. He seemed like a sensitive soul--peaceful & calm. Polar opposite of my other buddy.

The plan was to meet & go see Alex Grey @ Sonar. Grey is a very cool artist--psychedelic & futuristic. This was a multimedia performance--I'm pissed I missed it. Long story short--we imbibed & he was out of it--apparently he wasn't too much a drinker or anything so it really hit him. So instead of a cool experience I'm stuck at home philosophizing with this dude I don't know about his divorce, dating, raising all those kids, losing his religion & getting him sober enough to get him out of my home. He is a gentle soul--I felt downright wicked in comparison. I felt badly for him too. He was still in the early stages of his divorce & he seemed a bit adrift by it all. But one thing he said that I think will stick with me is what made the whole experience all alright. He said, "In pursuing a passionate life, you will have to suffer pain." I think I agree, but I think that's a good thing.

I'm glad he left. Bad grapes. At least I recorded the Ravens game.

Scene A: Raucous night with the bull. Hot tubbin' with friends of mine. It all started out as is usual--nice dinner, very generous folks who really wanted to meet the bull & hadn't yet. Great hot tub--very comfortable with four people. We had a lot of fun. But the bull overdoes it--he got very dehydrated. Got him out of the tub, but pretty soon after he got into the house, he got violently ill. At least he made it to the bathroom. So here I am stuck with a sick cow very late at night hearing about how my friends are going to buy new shutters & siding. All I want to do is get home & get him in bed so he can feel better rather than being slumped in a chair. I guess if this had been much sooner in our relationship I would have been apalled or something. In a sense this familiarity was nice, even if the experience wasn't. He amuses me--he has such an ego & can be so damn selfish, but I have so much fun with him most of the time--just comparing him to the preacher just makes it so clear to me that pacifist-types won't work. Raucous is just the word to describe my type.

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Anonymous said... do not want to be someone's rebound. That's just a big bowl of bad news, no matter what kind of person he is.

Alcohol & hot tubs are also a bad combination. Learned that one the hard way, I did. Fortunately it was in a similar manner: I had to deal with someone else's getting sick. Then I did the research and discovered that they don't mix. Hope he's feeling better now.