Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deal breakers

Everyone who's dating likes to talk about their deal breakers. Like cigarette smoking or being a heavier drinker, etc. As I've been dating I've figured out my deal breakers--smoking being one for sure. I hate l kissing ashtrays. Heavy drinking is another--but if you are a wine afficionado then that's a different story. If a guy doesn't like going to hear music then that can be a potential pitfall as well. If you're following this line of thought you may have noticed that I haven't even touched on looks as deal breakers. I'm kind of sensitive about looks but I have found myself being shallow myself. I want a guy who's active & athletic so if a guy is bigger & chunky it is harder for me to accept. If he's bigger & solid, that's ok. The final sticking point is height. I like tall men. There, I've said it. If a guy is my height, I just struggle mightily--he may be super perfect in so many other ways but if I can't look up to you, well.....

Enter my lunch date today. There's so much there that works about him. Lives less than 5 minutes from me. Intelligence, quirkiness, great green eyes, athletic & active, but he's short. Everyone tells me to get over it, look beyond & he could be just what I'm looking for. Bleh!!! He WAS great. No comparisons with the bull at all. Sigh...I do like him--he is the closest to what I want except for that little niggling fact. I told everyone at work today that I fully intend to look beyond my deal breaker & I certainly will try--there's just too much there.

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notthemomma said...

I say about your usual views on men, deal breakers included "How's that working for you?!" Maybe doing something a little different is the way to go! Buy some flats, stoop a little, give it a shot. We're all the same size when we turn out the light!!!