Sunday, December 7, 2008

Was That Whirlwind my Weekend?

Or: What happens when you go nonstop from Friday to Sunday. Eventually you crash. I hope I can get a nap this afternoon. Whew--I'm not complaining because I think this was as about an ideal a weekend as I have had in a VERY LONG time.

Friday evening: Down to D.C. The bull & I go to hear Nada Surf at the 9:30 Club. It was good fun--not that the band was great--parts were but sometimes their lyrics are quite pendantic. Then playing their ballads at the concert just didn't work for them. On the other hand, the little we heard of Delta Spirit--another band I like, was super! And I seemed to have gotten over some of my issues about comparisons & self-esteem & was a little bit flirty at the concert--though not with the bull. It was interesting to see the bull's reaction--arms around me & somewhat possessive....which is nice because he can have a tendency for wandering eye syndrome. I actually don't care about men who look, but it was fun to get him going. He was a lot of fun & after last week's revelations, makes it even harder to extricate myself. He MUST have sensed it because he's been so different lately. We went to a great Chinese food dive after the music where the skinned ducks hang over the counter & rice steam is rising out of the pots in the front of the restaurant--a lot like the places in Chinatown in San Francisco. I have to say--one of the best times I've had with the bull in a while.

Saturday: Drove back to Baltimore to prepare for the bull to come up here with his son. First time I've met him & our sons have met each other. His son is a little younger than mine. I was quite nervous--of course not too sure what to expect. But the boys got along great & again we all had a super time. Took them to Fort McHenry & then we got Attman's for a late lunch/dinner.

The only downside was the bull getting pulled over by the city cops for apparently making an illegal traffic move. The cops were incredibly rude. I had pulled up to wait & when I saw that it wasn't going to be a routine stop I got out of my car to see what was going on. I walked over to talk to the bull & one of the cops starts yelling at me to get away from the bull's car because they were "in the middle of an investigation". He kept yelling at me to walk far away so obviously I did but it was very uncool. Especially the $90 traffic ticket that the bull will need to contest. Despite that, the rest of our time was super.

Later took everyone over to Hampden to see the Christmas lights on 34th. We walked down the block & again it was really great. The boys really did get along & seemed to enjoy hanging out together. There has been talk about a ski trip--we'll see what happens with that one...I'm not holding my breath.

Here's where things get complicated: The bull leaves & my new friend from work pays me a visit. Excellent chemistry, & no pheromone issues--I think he could really make me move along with the bull. Of course it's early, but I have a really good feeling about this.

My mom says that the bull is a good "transition" relationship. My bff, CFW says I ought to find a card thanking him for being part of my Transition team. But he doesn't feel transitional right now--we realized that we've been seeing each other, more or less, for six months a way that's kinda nice too.... It's never easy, is it?

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