Monday, April 6, 2009

From the Belly of the MVA Beast

Heard as I was waiting for my number (D129) to be called, "Sitting here is enough to make you lose your religion". Which prompted me to speculate if heaven was set up like the MVA: "Number A201 go to window 9. Number H76 go to window 43." I can just see all these folk sitting on the rows of metal benches clutching numbers imprinted with PGA (Pearly Gates Administration) and numbers. You shuffle off to a window to confirm that you get to enter. Some people get right on through but the rest of us dumb bastards get sent to other windows to be "judged" for worthiness. You wait one HELL of a long time.

Yes, I wasted a whole day at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration in Glen Burnie. Yes, I am very bad at paying off old debt that can be attributed mostly to my ex-husband, who has no job & lives in Illinois with his newly minted family--who all incidentally live off of SSDI or SSI & therefore no one can go after him for acquired debt. Because after sitting upstairs for an hour and a half waiting to pay & find out exactly what was owed, I found out that it was his car that was the problem--not mine. Yes, the gift that keeps on giving--all of his debt is still mine--even after divorce! Because, well, we WERE married at the time so I own his old debt in order to drive my car now. Of course I also had to pay off a speeding ticket I received in Montgomery County this past summer on my way to visit... And an old parking ticket from Baltimore County. That parking ticket forced me to drive back up to Towson with my expired tags, & pay the ticket in person because God knows why, if Montgomery County can take a credit card over the phone & fax a release for the ticket to the MVA, Baltimore County won't process it until the next day. So in order to get my new registration & sticker, I had to drive back in the pouring rain & pay in cash to get that release paper. Again, upon my return to the MVA, I had to wait yet again. By this time they were on D200. So my number was decidedly out of place--although I did see a D29 come up--guess they had far more tickets to pay. All in all I visited 3 separate windows to gain that elusive 11 sticker for my car. But it's nice to be legal even if I'm now broke...again. The state of Maryland loves my ass.


Ros said...

Augh, bet you're taking out some of that frustration in TKD right now.

Anonymous said...

For those who missed the news last week, both chambers are moving ahead with plans to bring Maryland into compliance with the federal Real ID law but with a key difference: The Senate wants to require proof of legal residence for all new licenses and renewals. The House wants to grandfather in illegal immigrants who now have licenses and create a two-tier system, so that their licenses would be labeled "not federally compliant" for the purposes of getting into federal buildings, boarding airplanes, etc. Gov. O'Malley says he'll sign either bill but prefers the House approach.
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