Monday, April 20, 2009

Significant Dates

Why is it that I seem to remember most of my ex's birthdays? I remember my ex-husband's (October 15th), my first real boyfriend's (May 12th), the first man I lived with's (March 18th), & now I can add the sociopath's (April 20th). There were more of course but these are the significant ones. It just makes me somewhat melancholic--none of these worked out for various reasons yet I still have the memories. As the birthdays go by, I pause & think about each man or boy-depending, & what they contributed to my life. How do I feel about them now--is it still painful or have I moved well beyond them? My ex--well he looks far, far older than his 43 years & frankly Karma has not been good to him--I'm so over that. My first boyfriend--well if he were to pop back into my life I think I'd be beyond thrilled--definitely unresolved feelings there. He's 39--yep, I robbed the cradle my senior year of High School. Caused a bit of a scandal too. And then there's the drunk from Missouri I lived with for 18 months--that one took me a while to remember his birthday--he was an alcoholic so most birthdays were no fun with him. He just turned 48. Of course today's candidate is too fresh so right now I'm tickled that the asshole had a crappy weather day for his 49th birthday. Serves him right that it poured & was chilly. He fucking deserves it!

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