Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poly-what?? Does That Affect My Tax Rate?

What is it with men being polyamorous? I am sick & tired of men saying that they're poly. It is an excuse to fuck as many women as they can & not commit to any. The sociopath claimed he was a poly after we'd been together some months & look where it got me. This seems to be a new trend on the online sites.

"I love to sail, go to listen to music, & walk on the beach. I'm looking for that special woman to share that with & who will match my intellectual curiosity. I'm polyamorous so she'd have to be into that lifestyle as I already have a primary relationship."

WTF??? Yeesh--he sounded great until we got to the poly line. Yesterday I was online checking emails & I was IM'd by a guy who said I was hot & wanted to chat. My new rule is to generally not IM or text message anymore but I was bored & not feeling too good so I checked out his profile & responded to the IM. Stoopid me--he was "seeing someone"--actually he was married & his wife lived in NY. I tried to shake him & he asks me what my problem was about "meeting new people." I told him I didn't have time for cheaters & polyamorists. I've read The Ethical Slut & that lifestyle just doesn't appeal to me.

So here I sit stuck between the perfectly nice guy (my friend MFish pegged it as perfectly boring) & those that look great but won't commit. Sigh...mebbe it's the awful April weather we're having or mebbe it's because it's TAX DAY, but I feel I've paid my dating dues & am due a refund....Happy Tax Day all, hope you've filed or asked for an extension...


Incognito said...

I think these guys have picked up on a tagline and have absolutely no real idea of what polyamory means. Just a sloppy way to disqualify their "other" relationship in order to get into another one at the same time.

Polyamory is between two consenting adults who know about the other partner(s). It's not an excuse to screw around. At least, the original idea of it didn't start that way. My opinion is that the partners have to be very self-assured to have these types of relationships. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. There's a certain mindset involved with working poly relationships, and in my head there has to be a reason for them other than the nookie.

I actually think that the idea of a clan-type marriage can work out so long as the family has a common goal of some sort, everyone has a defined role in the family and everyone has a say in who participates. And opting someone in would be a serious, permanent situation, not to be taken lightly.