Monday, April 27, 2009

The Ghost Lingers

If you were here
Would you calm me down?

The ghost of you lingers
It lingers
And I always think about it

Oh, would you calm me down?

From: The Ghost of You Lingers by Spoon

On Wednesday my son & I are going to the West River to race in the Pirate's Cove sponsored Wednesday Night Series Races. We are going to be on another boat to see if we can crew in future races. This is great news because I have many offers to race & multiple boats wanting crew. Many more than I thought would happen. Also super because this is yet another activity my son & I can do together--another thing we both love. He will get so much racing experience before he goes off to sailing camp this summer.

This is not such a good thing because a certain other person frequents this area quite a bit & the sailracing community isn't all that big. He doesn't race the big boats--thank god for small favors. However, opportunities may arise where we are both sailing out of the West River on the same day. I honestly don't think I'm ready for that possibility yet--not sure how to deal with that--there are overlapping social activities after racing out of that sponsorship. But I refuse to curtail my racing & socializing activities because of the possibility we may actually collide again some day. Just not quite ready.....

I have been asked to crew again on the J-42 this Saturday. I am so thrilled to be asked back--I never believed that I'd have so many opportunities to learn how to race & sail better. And on top of it all, have almost an every week time to get on the water--beyond my own family's boat--a sailorgrl can't ask for too much better than that!


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Some interesting reading here:

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There are just too many quotes from Pride and Prejudice to leave just one. Suffice it to say...get it over with...see him and be done with him already.