Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Sailing

What a gorgeous sailing evening--another fantastic race!  This time we took second which was awesome.  Pretty gusty out there yesterday & I was flying the kite again--pretty shifty winds, & I needed to really focus but we we were able to overtake quite a few boats in our class and managed to pull out that second with adjusted time.  When we were on the windward tack, I was riding the rail at that time, I watched the boat Xing Fu was on on its 2nd down wind legI knew he was flying too so I wanted to see how he was doing...took him a while to get that chute filled so I didn't feel so badly at my not quite getting shape to mine right away on the first down wind leg.  I was thinking, "get that kite filled, come on!"  I also struggled a bit on the jibe because I needed to free-fly & I didn't get aft enough to see the edges of the sail--next time--new boat & need to practice more & as I said, heavier wind & shifty.  But an exhilarating experience nonetheless...what's cool is that I have an opportunity to really learn more--get a chance to do a little foredeck work this season, some mast & hopefully some main--great experiences all around the positions on the boat.  What's even better is that I have a place to call home--not flitting between 7 different boats.  I don't mind because I learn on every single one, but it is nice to be part of a steady crew.

Can't wait for the Miles River Race in a few weeks--I wrote about it last year--this year I plan on NOT getting as wasted as I was last year--looking forward to a great race & then a great party but plan on having far fewer Dark 'n' Stormies this year. 

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo & Pirate's Cove had the taco buffet after racing & also some very nice drink specials.  The skipper of my boat was so happy with our result that she bought us rounds of tequila shots--fun, but as I needed to drive home, so I limited myself--but I am having a great time--super fun folk out there--I think we got the rowdiest table award last night.  

***I've been informed that the times were off & we came in third after all--ah well--still a great race!

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