Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Comedy of Errors, No Wait...The Taming of the Shrew

The weekends fly by so quickly!  Last week was a bit of an emotional roller-coaster on many levels so by the time I'd gotten to Friday I'd just about had it.  But I was looking forward to the weekend massively--my sister was in town for her high school reunion & we were planning to all go to see Gogol Bordello at Ram's Head Friday night.  I'd managed to pick up another ticket for her on Craig's List.  As usual, I try to cram far too much into one day--from trying to get my hair done to getting down to my folks' house before everyone else arrived.  No such luck-- because of extreme haste, I ran out without the tickets!  Sucked to be me because by the time I figured out that I'd forgotten the tix, I was already far enough down 83 for me to be considered within the Mount Vernon area--the folks live down in Canton--'nuff said.  So back on the road with tickets in hand, my son & I arrive.  He runs out of the car door & in the process pulls my cell phone out with him & down the storm drain it goes!  See what I mean by having enough?  I watch as it gets slowly swallowed by the muck.  I was fit to be tied.  Xing Fu comes out to see what he can do--laughs & reminds me that I'd been trying to get rid of that phone for over a month & now was my opportunity.  He & my dad retrieve it after managing to pull the grate out, in the process, Xing Fu lost his glasses down there as well, when leaning over to survey the damage of my cell loss.  So, phone & glasses in hand, he fared far better--no damage.  My cell was dead & gone.  A comedy of errors to be sure.

Anyhow,  off to dinner with the kid sister--she finally had a chance to meet Xing Fu & decide for herself if he was worthy...(I think those were her words)  Dinner was at Ra which is a lot of fun, albeit very loud--hard to get to know someone when you have to scream over the din (din).  Afterward, we jet off to see Gogol Bordello--gypsy punk.  Love the fiddles, & accordion--imagine Klezmer on speed & you kinda get the idea.  They have an incredible live show.  Saw them at Virgin Fest in 2008 & was very excited to see them again.  I stood by amazed when my 5'2" sister joined the pit of pogo-jumping masses--get swallowed up, & disappear.  It was a blast--"Start wearing purple!"

Saturday was culture of a different sort--down to Adam's Morgan to catch The Taming of the Shrew.  One of Xing Fu's sailing buddies was stage manager.  I really liked the modern interpretation of this play--Shakespeare truly stands the test of time--double entendre & all.   After the play which was in a great little gallery, we walked 2 doors down to Meskerem (18th St NW)--a fantastic Ethiopian restaurant--hadn't eaten Ethiopian in many years but loved the food & was glad to have it again.  I love going to DC--I wish the restaurants in Baltimore stayed open as late--there was a great vibe in the area that evening--kinda reminded me of Amsterdam.

You'd think by Sunday it would be time to slow down but as it was, my BFF(J) invited us to their house on the water for the afternoon/evening.  We made a batch of red-neck margaritas & kicked back while the kids swam in the river.  It was truly idyllic--sitting on the dock, listening to BFF(J) & another friend play their guitars, bbq hamburgers & hot dogs, & welcome the official opening of the water house for the season.   Later, we built a bonfire & roasted marshmallows as the sun went down.  What a fantastic way to end the weekend--good friends & great experiences--happy, happy.

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