Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miles Part I

There's a lot going on right now which is bringing up my more ditzy side.  I've been joking lately that I'd do better with my head disconnected from my body as it seems to be getting me into more trouble than not--for example, big race this weekend--Miles River.  Did it last year & really looking forward to it--just not as drunk.  So on Tuesday I emailed the skipper of my boat to ask about taking stuff down with us on Friday (Xing Fu & I are driving two cars down to St Michael's tomorrow & leaving one there with the bags etc., that people want there after the race) & mentioned that I could pack stuff on Wednesday after the race.  The skipper emails me back to say that she's not racing.  Of course, I thought she meant for the Miles race.  So stoopid!  I panic immediately & rush to send off emails to other skippers trying to find a ride for the race.  I email Xing Fu & tell him & he starts sending emails to other skippers too.  Shortly, I get a response from Seamus telling me that a lot of folks have been turned away...not good!  Xing Fu & I have pretty elaborate plans for the weekend which involved having the car down there & possibly camping out that night (find out that Talbot County does not allow camping--some zoning thingy--was on the NOR doc from the Miles River Yacht Club), then returning to Baltimore on Sunday for BFF(J) & Hubby's big Memorial Day Bash.  A little bit later I receive an email from Xing Fu saying he's found me a ride on another boast--yehaw!  Now I don't have to a boat, plans stay put, all is right with the world.....heh!  As it turns out, if I'd bother to read the original email a little more closely I would have seen that she meant the regular Wednesday race & not the Miles Race.  Now I'm double booked!  And I thought it would be difficult to find a spot...go figure.  But what to do?  Thankfully, the skipper of the new boat understood & I was off the hook, but as I said, what a ditz!  Yeesh!  

Anyway, early tomorrow morning we're off to the Eastern Shore to drop off a car, meet a friend of Xing Fu's for lunch, & then come back up to the West River for the night as I have a 7 AM dock time.  Looking forward to a great time!

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