Thursday, August 26, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

 Been getting ready for Annapolis Race Week--I am quite excited by this three-day race--kinda the culmination of the summer.  We've had two practice sessions & I must say I've learned a ton from them--great that we want to ramp it up a bit competitively.  It was especially cool yesterday when we had Bary from Quantum sails on board to coach us.  Right back to the basics & flying the kite without the pole through several jibes to get a feel for boat movement.  There is nothing like free-flying the kite--such an exhilarating experience & even though I do it most Wednesdays, I really got a feel for it last night.  I am very thankful for the time to learn.  Also great is that Xing Fu is foredeck for this race so we have an opportunity for a weekend race together.  Actually, much like the Screwpile Regatta--a series of races over three days--windward/leeward.  We will have another practice & I hope Bary can join us again--hopefully with a bit more wind.  We opted out of racing last night & it was a wise decision--there was just no wind at sunset--most of the fleet was still bobbing in the dark as we motored by.  The sunset was beautiful & the full moon rising was just as spectacular--glad I was able to share it with Xing Fu as we stood by the mast watching the reflection on the water.

Practice seems to be the theme--been a week of practicing between us as well--as I've said in the past, "learning each other" and sometimes there are growing pains.  Not traumatic or cause for alarm, just negotiations on time & learning each others' needs.  As I said in the last post, we're getting there & sometimes it's a bit harder to unravel it all.  After an unsettling beginning to the week, we seem to have come to some basic understandings & perhaps this phase is passing--at least I'm feeling better--a bit more optimistic. 

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