Monday, December 6, 2010

Love Is A Deeper Season

yes is a pleasant country...

yes is a pleasant country: 
if's wintry
(my lovely)
let's open the year

both is the very weather
(not either)
my treasure,
when violets appear

love is a deeper season
than reason;
my sweet one
(and april's where we're)

--e.e. cummings
I love this poem & have for quite some time.  For whatever reason, the imagery & words just lend themselves to unconditional & soulful love.  What more can a person ask for?  I am especially moved by the line, "love is a deeper season than reason;".  

Another great weekend for the books--we went to see a play at the Fell's Point Corner Theatre--a piece of fluff but fun nonetheless.  And of course since it wasn't a movie, it doesn't count against our ban against the dinner & a movie for a year date,  We did go to Paper Moon for dinner though...and we did watch something.....

On Sunday we both had a lot of work to do so we set up our computers in the dining room & started at it--but even though we spent a good portion of the day quietly doing our own thing, there was a sense of togetherness which was very nice--as we keep moving toward that year mark, I've found that we don't always feel the need to be doing something 24-7 when we're together--it is nice just to be together--maybe in some ways that is "the deeper season."  It was a companionship that was comforting & easy.  Like it is right now, me sitting here blogging & Xing Fu sitting next to me reading.  No words but a sense of souls touching regardless.   I am enjoying this--my mother says that Xing Fu settles me--that I am less edgy; I think that may be true.  It has been a good month for us--and my co-worker always knows when I get an email from Xing Fu--she says I get that glow--it's nice to know how easy it is to continue to feel that way, even as the year-mark gets closer.  


Nello said...

Yeah, he hits on me more now! It's awesome!

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