Friday, December 3, 2010

Break-Up Days

Ever wonder why there seems to be an uptick in being dumped before the Christmas season?  Apparently, and now according to Facebook, it happens a lot.  And December 3rd-6th seem to be the peak days--so watch out!  The reasons I've found out seem fairly obvious.  You should break up early enough in December so you don't have to buy the other person a gift (of course, if you're Jewish & Hanukkah is early, then you're kinda stuck...).  Or be thrown into the middle of a bunch of holiday parties with someone you're not enjoying--and then perhaps go to parties alone & meet someone new.  It also makes sense to break up early enough in December because you have time to find a new date to the holiday parties.  Of course, the flip side is that if you break up then you have no date to kiss under the mistletoe. 

How about your soon to be ex's family events?  If you break up early enough in December then you are saved from having to mix it up with Uncle Mervin, who always seems to have something caught in his teeth.  

And of course, breaking up too close to Christmas is just too rude.  So if you've waited that long, now you're stuck through the New Year's midnight kiss.  Because it's just as rude to break up at the New Year too.  

So it makes sense that there'd be a spike in early December because lord knows if you wanna break up with someone & you have to wait until New Year's, you just may have to wait until the spring--who wants an empty bed through the long, cold winter months?  And then there's Valentine's Day...

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