Sunday, December 12, 2010

Party Time

I went to a great party with my sailing friends yesterday--had a super time but had to go it alone.  That isn't necessarily a problem, in fact there are two sides to the alone vs. the coupled party.  First I needed to get through all of the questions:  "Where's Xing Fu?"  That took about the first half hour of the party--explaining to all why he wasn't there.  Not a bad thing--this was actually the second party I've been to without him and with our sailing friends.  And even though I'd have preferred him to be there with me, I think there were some advantages to being there alone.  So a little comparison:

With Xing Fu, we'd have been there as a couple & probably interacted more like that with everyone else & certainly we'd have been more into one another.  That is very nice of course, but I think one on one conversations would've been far less & the real stories may not have made it to my ears.  Also the physical interplay with others would've most definitely been less.  You know, the touchy-feely guys, seeing Xing Fu with me would equal no touchie.  And yeah, some of it is ok, but as people get stupider drunk, then of course the inhibitions lessen.  I did very little drinking & mostly stuck to water because I had to drive back up to Baltimore.  I think if Xing Fu was there, I probably would've indulged more.  So score for having him there--both being able to have less attention paid to my physical person & that I may have imbibed a bit more & been fine.  Plus the comfort of his presence & not having to walk around for the first half hour answering questions.  

Without him was also very interesting--I learned a lot about stuff (drama stories--always fun).  Got to meet a ton of folk & had intimate conversations that probably wouldn't have happened.  In fact, may have found a great guy to do my hair who happens to live up here in Baltimore.  As I said before--much more of a hands-on evening--and of course the last folk left at the end of a very late night were the sailors.  Again, I think being alone allowed some people there to be more relaxed with me & I enjoyed that quite a bit.  So which do I prefer?  Ultimately I like to share the party experience with Xing Fu but it was fine without him too.  Good that I enjoy both ways.  Even better was seeing everyone--spent so much time with them over the summer--I miss them since we aren't spending most of our Wednesdays & weekends together anymore.  Love you guys!!!

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