Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I think I've mentioned in the past how this time of year I tend to get kinda reflective.  It seems like in the past events seem to occur this time of year & this one is no different.  Yeah, it's girly-girl of me but I can't help myself.  I start looking at old emails, old blog posts, & generally become slightly pensive--not in a bad way, just thoughtful.  

This time last year I was decidedly single & lamenting kissing all those frogs--I am in such a different place now & it all happened rather quickly.  I went from talking about my "circlers" to being in a very serious & committed relationship in about a month's time.  I'm truly liking where I am now--and I like my frog prince too.  

We met for lunch last year & I had given Xing Fu a little gift for the holidays--it is actually his namesake on this blog.  I used to have the Chinese symbol for "happiness"  hanging from my rear view mirror on my car--a little jade/glass number & when I pulled up to meet Xing Fu for lunch I saw it & thought that he really needed a good dose of happiness in his life because it was looking pretty bleak for him at that time.  We'd been friends for a while, having met sailing the previous April, & I never like seeing any of my friends in distress.  (Incidentally, one of my Asian friends told me I should never give away my happiness--I am somewhat superstitious & have since replaced the symbol in my car.)  So I pulled it off my mirror & gave it to him, never realizing that I would become part of his future of happiness, & mine as well.  

 And so it goes--I'll say it again, I am a mushy female & so we are meeting for lunch tomorrow to commemorate (?).  This time I hope to actually remember what I ate.

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