Thursday, December 9, 2010


You know what it is, right?  Deriving pleasure from others' misfortunes.  Everyone has it on occasion.  So I did a little experiment.  Earlier I wrote a post about the biggest break-up days of the year--supposedly December 3rd-6th--ring a bell?   I have been thinking recently that my readership has been suffering--yeah, who the hell wants to read about a woman in a happy relationship?  Y'all want the not so nice stuff--the ugly, seamy underbelly of online dating.  My hypothesis was that if I used a very provocative title, all of my supposed followers would come out of hiding to read my blog again.  Anyhow, the title I used was Break-Up Days--

And wouldn't you know, my hits exploded over the next few days!   I'm guessing that most of you out there thought, erroneously of course, that Xing Fu & I had called it quits.  So there it is!  Proof that people love a little schadenfreude & that my happiness does not make for good blog fodder as now my readership is down.  

 So I put this question out into the blogosphere--Is it true that a blog is more interesting when the writer is not happy or at least not contented? 

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Anonymous said...

Well, I do think there is a certain edge to folks' writing when they are less happy, but quite sure you still have interesting insights and stories to offer. I, for one, am thrilled to see you finally so happy, and can say with some certainty (though you can probably check this better than I for accuracy) that I have read all of your blogs, usually within a short time of their posting! Keep writing and keep smiling!