Monday, November 10, 2008

Beauty & the Beast

This shouldn't be complicated but somehow it is.

I mentioned the new guy, AKA the was a disaster for me on Friday night. He truly planned a fanstastic date--great Wine-based restaurant, great bottle of wine, & great conversation. It went completely downhill from there. I wanted to want him. I REALLY tried to get my head in the game. Try as I might there was no sexual chemistry. In fact--it sucked majorly. And this will sound funny but he didn't smell right...yes, believe it or not the pheromones just didn't work--blech! Plus, & this is the complication, my situation with the bull is still around. But even that wouldn't change the Bear situ. I will tell him that it just won't work because I really think he likes me and I don't want to drag this out unnecessarily. So goodbye to the Bear & onward to my web search.

The Bull & I: He insists that he's a beast so I guess I need to refer to him as the Beast now--like some sort of 12-step program--or so he claims & that first he has to admit there's a problem--what the problem is he fails to elaborate. Although I'm sure I have a clue. I've also found out that my stalker is not linked to him afterall..which is good in some ways & not so good in other ways. But as the weeks go by, my understanding of him has changed & I feel that our relationship has deepened significantly because I "get him" more now. Which is obvious after seeing someone for almost 5 months--duh. But it's different than that & I think we both know it. He even claims he "gets me" more than my best friends do & in some ways he's right & that makes me more vulnerable to being hurt again. But I'm working on the reality of our relationship & trying not to get so wrapped up again. He's still getting a lecture from my best friends so I told him to "gird his loins". His response was to give all of them voodoo dolls & write his name on it. I said that Christmas & Hanukkah weren't too far away...hint, hint. So on it goes.

The Stalker: Well now that is quite a different story. One for my next post as I have some more investigations to do. And no, the calls haven't stopped.

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