Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Never So Simple...Is It?

Things are never as they seem. My stalker has moved to the phone & the bull claims that it has nothing to do with him--I am trying to believe it but there's a lot of shit going down & now I've been stalked again on my friend's blog...I received 2 threatening phone calls on Friday telling me to stay away from a certain person. It didn't work, by the way. I don't listen to whack-jobs. But I did tell everyone that if I received any more phone calls or another hit on the internet that I was going to go to the police. Well, with the last hit on the blog--off I will go. I don't know how you report an unknown assailant, but I have a recorded phone message & will turn over my cell to help the police get access to the "restricted" number.

The world is a weird place & one of the downfalls of online dating can be running into whack-jobs & the like. So far I've navigated the online dating thing pretty well--most of the men I've met, although not good matches for me, have been at least straightforward enough & nice. So this bit of unpleasantness will not discourage me one bit. It does make life a little more interesting...

Back to the real story: I had dinner with the bear tonight & I truly think that this will most probably go somewhere. He is very attentive, which I like, & I think may really be into me. It's nice because the bull likes to keep me around (I know, I know--why should I stay--it's complicated already!) & although I truly enjoy being with him I recognize that I need to move on to other potential men who may not have whack-jobs lingering in the fringes (I don't know for a fact that there is a link, but I have my concerns). I see a bit of a theme starting--bear & bull---HEEHEE. I am amusing myself. But the relationship with TBFVN is more involved than I originally thought...& I need to see where things are going with the bear.

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notthemomma said...

Da bear, Da Bull...sounds a bit like an SNL skit, LOL. Don't worry about us onlookers keep which ever makes you happy...feels right. OR, keep em both, start a zoo! Love you!