Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Devil in His Back Pocket

Samantha: “Easy! Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing!”
--Sex and The City

That's what I've determined I must be. I've thought about this for a few days after not hearing from the bull & I've come to the conclusion that I must represent the naughty & a bit of the wild child which is appealing to him. I'm the devil who is willing to push the envelope, walk on the wild side, etc. (You pick the appropriate description & activity--go ahead--let your mind insert any number of crazy & titillating ideas) & create that excitement. Of course he calls today--never let it be said that he lets too many days go by without checking in. He stretches it just long enough so that I begin to question everything & why I keep sticking around. Bleh....I'm just trying to enjoy things where they are & not think too much....God help me!

So fun divorce stuff rears its nastiness & I had to attend a "Special Challenges Parenting Workshop" this evening. My ex (AKA: Fnord--look up the word--it is quite fitting) wants my son to visit him in another state. On the surface there is nothing wrong with that except Fnord is a bum--no job, "disabled", & keeps popping out babies with his new wife. All the while living in an apartment belonging to his mother-in-law who lives there too, & a sexually inappropriate high functioning autistic child. Oh--did I mention that he collects SSDI? That's right, he claims he can't work & we, yes, we the taxpayers support his lazy ass! So I do not want him to go there. It's not that I don't want him to see his dad, quite the opposite. I want him not to go out there where parenting is questionable & appropriate childcare is suspect. If Fnord comes to Maryland to visit--great! If my former in-laws want to take my kid to see Fnord--no prob! Anyway, the court is doing a study of Fnord's home & the people he resides with to determine if my kid can go there. I ask: who's paying for the plane ticket? Who's gonna actually put him on the plane? Not I!! Anyway--even though the investigation is focused on the ex--I still had to attend this class. MY ex was there too--he is scary looking! He was quite attractive when we were together but now--SCARY!! Missing teeth, almost entirely gray @ 43 yo, bushy beard, pasty underside of a snail white, & very unkempt. I attempted to greet him & in fact wanted to enter into a dialogue with him about our son, but he was just plain rude. He didn't even want to know about our son's grades (which were quite good). I tried.

The only fun part of the evening was this guy who kept flirting with me. He kept looking back @ me & smiling & making faces to go with what was being said in the class. I was thinking: Why would I want to talk to a guy who had to go to this class (of course what does that say about me at the course?) He could be there because he has the problems (substance abuse, domestic violence, or mental health issues) that were being discussed. Mental Health Issues: See my ex--the Fnord. Nevertheless, I passed the time texting with the bull so all was not lost.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, even when you have an "amicable" divorce going on, there are going to be conflicts involving the youngsters. Gotta fight over something, I guess.

Incidentally, I can guarantee that nearly EVERYBODY in that room would insist that they're in there because of the other parent. Just a thought.

The part of all this that completely killed me was the guy who thought that a Parenting Workshop class would be a great place to pick up chicks. Hey buddy, you want dysfunctional, desperate women? Go join Parents Without Partners.