Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cyber-Stalking Part II

On to the phone stalker which I said I'd explain in more detail. The phone calls keep coming but now I'm pretty sure it has to do with some guy I talked to in Harford County just one time. So phone chickie--get a life! I'm so NOT interested in your conservative dude!!!! She keeps calling to say that this guy has a family & kids & I shouldn't be with him. Also strangely, & this is where I'm quite sure it ain't linked to the bull/beast, someone called this guy's ex-wife last week & left MY cell phone number to call to get info on her ex-husband. And wouldn't you know-she called my cell! She says to me, "Did you leave me a message?" I said, "Who are you?" And we begin to extract what the hell is going on. She had been getting strange calls in April & May about her ex. They started up again recently & someone left my number on her business phone. We chatted for about 10 minutes & decided that someone was just a bit of a whack-job & that if we continued to get calls we'd both go to the cops. I received another call last Thursday & the chickie left another message about leaving this guy alone. So now, when I actually have time, I guess I'll go to the police to start logging that both of us are being harassed. But now the name has changed. The first call I got distinctly said the bull/beast's name. Now it's a different name. After talking to the ex-wife, I was able to figure out the connection & now the phone-stalker chickie is leaving a new name--not the bull/beast's. Yeesh--too many multiple personalities! Anyway, I'm not too worried at this point because as I said earlier--he's not for me--so MP gal can have him with my blessings on their whack-job conservative asses!


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Anonymous said...

Wow...your first spam comment. I'm so proud. :::snif:::