Monday, November 3, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!! (O--bulls too)

Another hackneyed phrase: When it rains, it pours...and so it goes. Online contacts seem to be stepping up the interest & meanwhile it appears that I may be very busy next weekend--already. The bear is proving to be a "does what he says" sort of guy--who makes it clear that he is in deep pursuit. It is very nice & quite flattering to have all this male attention, but it makes it quite difficult to keep it all straight. Not that I'm complaining, but I actually liked things better 3 weeks ago. But--chin up--shoulders square & embrace new possibilities...My son tells me I'm having a "sode" & need to stop acting so weird--I hope to take his advice shortly.

I think all my married friends get quite a kick out of all of this, except for my stalker situation, it has been quite the roller-coaster ride recently. One day I'm boo-hooing about the bull & the next I'm gleefully telling them about my potential new guy & how he gets it. So refreshing that he calls me regularly to talk & see how I'm doing.

As per usual, my BFF's & I were at a wine-tasting on Saturday, which is where they grill me about the latest in my saga. I eagerly tell them about the Halloween party but when things turn to "why am I going to D.C." questions, I have become quite silent. I guess I'm tired of them telling me to kick people to the curb (the bull in particular)--right now I'm seeing where things develop--nuff said--since I know they're all reading this anyway--I hope they get my point. Love you both & I know you only worry about me since I was a wreck before.....

Public Service Announcement: Everyone go vote!! See you at the polls!

Peace out!


Amy said...

good writing skills. Could this make for an interesting movie some day? As I go to the wine tasting with sailorgrl I am very up to date on all the scoop. I think men need to think very hard about the women they choose to date,women too. The bull made a BIG MISTAKE. I'm very concerned about the stalker girl. Bipolar comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Hah! They'll never see themselves in print. Or, they will, but will forget about it in a couple of days.

I'm with your kid, but I was on that page months ago. (-;