Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party Revelations

Everyone knows the hackneyed saying, "When God closes a door, s/he opens a window". Went to a "singles" Halloween Party last night very close to my home--I didn't think much of it--one of my single girlfriends suggested it & because of the recent situation with TBFVN, I said what the hell.

It was fairly lame until about 9:30 when in walks a bear. Yup, bear--full professional mascot kinda bear. Of course all of the females had to get a pic with the bear, myself included. After all the posturing the bear reveals himself to be a cute, "solid", tall guy. Needless to say, my radar was alerted to possible bf material--anyone with that lack of ego or with such a large ego that he can pull off that kind of costume will be someone of interest. Yes, the juxtaposition of egos is what makes this work for me. Turns out the bear seemed to zero in on me as well--pretty good for someone supposedly getting over a break-up & licking wounds. What follows is a great time with great convo--so far he seems to fit a lot of my criteria--intelligence, active lifestyle, sense of humor, employed....& NO I do not know about the sex! (At least not yet...) But there is a definite attraction.

The evening progresses & we get pretty cozy chatting until my girlfriend tells me she wants to leave--she drove--I obviously had no expectations here. He has already asked for my number so I figure mebbe he'll take me home--how can I not trust a guy in a bear suit? I ask him & he agrees & goodbye to my friend--she has a sorta boyfriend so I figured she'd go see him anyway--no harm, no foul.

Finally we decide to leave & he suggests going to an all-nite diner--one of my favs: Paper Moon--points scored for that one! All I can say is that we had a blast--and both of us obviously didn't want the night to end. We will be continuing in the future I believe. So maybe I won't have to jump through the online hoops afterall....yea! It is of course too soon to tell--but very promising.

Now to the not so nice stuff: While all this merriment is going on, the seemy underbelly of TBFVN rears its head: The cyber-stalker strikes again! This time via the phone! YIKES!! He needs to control his fucked-up females! But that is for my next post....


Ros said...

Yay you!! But really, TB can't promise to control any ex's unless he kills them.

Miss Shell said...

"Twas an interesting night, wasn't it? Even if you hadn't met Mr. Bear, I hope you still had a good time at the "lame" party.