Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Race Despite Ourselves

It's been a few weeks since I crewed on a Wednesday night--stuff just got in the way, but last night we were back down for the normal Wednesday Night Series.  And it was quite a race.  We had very decent wind, surprising because the forecast said only 3 knots & I was expecting to be bobbing. 

Our start was great until we started nosing in with the big boys (those who usually win our class & are highly competitive) & they wouldn't give us space.  I was in pit for the beginning of the race, & watching 5 30' boats fighting for a few yards under the spinnaker was pretty hair-raising!  As a result of a few near misses--another boat & the mark, we ran aground hard.  Better to run aground than to hit the other boat or the mark for sure.  But we managed to roll off & get set, & get back in it. 

Later, I flew the kite & did a bit of jib trim so overall I felt well-utilized during this race--was glad that I can offer to do a few different positions as crew--good to have that kind of versatility.  And, dare I say it, I actually enjoyed being in pit for the time I was there (generally I do not enjoy that position but will do it if there is a need & no one else is available).  Thanks to the skipper for rotating folks around--great for practice. 

And, despite ourselves, we did manage to beat two other boats!  So not completely a total loss after all of the drama at the start of the race.  I think we're beginning to gel as a team--feeling out what works, etc.  Again I say it is quite nice to have a regular boat to be crew for--and we have a great time too.  A shout-out to my J-30--love you guys!


Sziltó said...

Will you upload pictures about your team and boat? I am curious. :o)

Sailorgrl21 said...

Need to get permission from the skipper--I won't put pictures out there unless I get the OK. Thanks for asking--I'll see what I can do.

Sziltó said...

Sure. :)
Great! Thanks in advance.