Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Water Everywhere or Miles Part II

Drawbridge at Knapps Narrows
                                                        Sharps Island Light

The theme of the weekend was water.  Everywhere.  From all vantage points. It started Friday driving the cars down to St Mikes.  We drop the cars off & then decided to have lunch on Tilghman Island right by Knapps Narrows.  We drive down to the very tip--Black Walnut Point & look out over the Choptank River & Sharps Island Light--I love the story of Sharps Island--one of the coolest stories of many on the Bay. http://www.riverheritage.org/RiverGuide/Sites/html/sharps_island.html   It was great watching the drawbridge traffic.  Even better is that it is soft shell crab season--I had a fantastic sandwich.  After lunch we walked around looking at a bunch of sailboats on the dry--specifically little O'Days around 22' to 23' long.  Most of them hadn't seen water on their hulls for at least 3 years.  We wondered how much the owners would sell them for or if they were abandoned. 

  When racing to St Mikes, you don't always see the town, so we decided to poke around after we left Tilghman's.  I picked up a t-shirt for my son as I always like to get one from places I've visited.  We spent about an hour there & decided to make sure that we beat bridge traffic & get back towards Galesville where we'd be spending the night in preparation for a very early morning departure.  Up over the bridge--another beautiful view of all of the sailboat traffic & we decide to stop in Annapolis & walk around Ego Alley. 

We sat on the dock & looked out at all of the sailboats moored--all "Benehuntalinas" of course.  It was funny, we realized that we had done very little most of the day, but had covered much ground (or water)--on many levels.  As we were trying to decide what to do for dinner, I see one of my friend's boats sail in to find a tie-up at the dock--thought about yelling over to them but they motored by too fast.  They must have just finished the AYC Beer Can racing.  It was a gorgeous evening and whatever we decided it certainly had to be on the water for dinner to be truly excellent.

Our decision led us next to the South River & dinner on the water at Yellowfin.  As I said--big water theme--makes sense as we both decided that we need to be near the water as much as possible.  After dinner we drive down to Galesville & hang out with the skipper of my boat and some of the crew.  My skipper has a beautiful house on the West River and we woke up on the morning of the race to a beautiful water view even if it was pouring down rain at first.

No wind.  Big Problem.  Light air jib trim can be very dicey.  Long race but by the time we made it to the Eastern Bay we could fly the kite and the wind picked up enough to finish nicely & sail up to the Miles River Yacht Club for the party.  And no, this year I did not get drunk.  Instead, I swam in the river with some of the crew, & had a great dinner out on the raft-up of a few boats that did not race but came down for the party afterward.  Friends of the skipper had a dinner for someone's birthday--bbq off the stern of the boat was truly wonderful--good company, & of course good conversation about sailing & the race we'd all just completed.  Xing Fu & I sat on the cabin & I had my one Dark n' Stormy of the party--wonderful to watch the sun come down over the river & watch the tenders flit between the raft-ups, dropping off & picking up people to go to the club house.  I love the boat I've been sailing on--not only do we have fun, but I am learning so much--opportunity is everywhere with this skipper--very happy that Xing Fu linked me to this boat. 

On Sunday, we had to hi-tail it out of St Michaels to get to the party that my BFF(J) was hosting on the water in Essex.  Xing Fu & I almost immediately grab the two-man kayak & head out.  Another water perspective--it was truly beautiful, even with all the boat traffic--just can't beat a day on the water in whatever form it appears in.  Lucky to have found a man who loves being on/near the water as much as I do.  After paddling around, we come back & enjoy  great times with my friends--finished with fireworks that my BFF(A)'s husband brought--perfection!

OK, so it may be a bit of a reach to count the pool & view of the Jones Falls on the way back from dinner with my folks as more water, but we thought, "Why not?"  We did look out from my folks' house in Canton over the water so I think that counts.  It was a tremendously busy weekend but a hugely satisfying one.  Happy is really the theme here. 

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