Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer is Always Busy

 I think as soon as the summer solstice arrives things kick into high gear.  I have been going nonstop since the 21st & haven't had time to breathe.  Looking back on the two summers that I've been at this blog, I can definitely see a trend.

So, a recap of sorts:  my son was supposed to be in Paris by now (obviously he is not--instead he is spending 2 days in Boston touring that fine city & NOT using his French).  Most of this past week has been spent prepping & packing him for this trip & getting excited for him to go to the country whose language he's been learning & immersed in since kindergarten.  Tomorrow they're supposed to fly out finally--so no 3 days in Paris now, only La Jaconde for him but at least he'll see the La Tour Eiffel.  But he'll get a great overview of the entire country & fly out of Nice.  Shortly thereafter, we're driving him down to camp in NC.  Busy, busy him.

On Wednesday I went out with another boat--not my usual.  It was different to say the least--far more laid-back--people were not interested at all in winning--in fact, this boat is in the same Spin-A class as Xing Fu's boat & we watched them take off as we were still fumbling to set the spinnaker.  But I had fun--skipper has great food on board & as I trimmed the jib, I munched on lemon hummus & sushi--go figure!  It was sad watching as we left to race & my usual ride was anchored to its mooring--harder still when watching my usual fleet out & sailing by--except one one of our regular competitors ran aground & had to be DNF(Did Not Finish) because he was so on hard that he had to motor off (decidedly against the rules).  Next week I'll be back on my regular ride with the regular crew--looking forward to it.

Yesterday I delivered my son down to Reagan National.  We took the MARC & then the DC metro to the airport--so easy--until I had to get back.  I had a great time wandering around Union Station & window shopping in the stores there, but the train ride back was horrible.  The A/C in the train was broken & noxious fumes were in the car I was in.  I emailed Xing Fu just before I arrived at the BWI station half joking that I was going to hop off & could he pick me up?  Surprisingly he emailed me back & said sure--he rescued me from being overcome by diesel (or something) fumes--such a knight in armor...from there we drove back up to Baltimore where he was supposed to meet work friends for happy hour.  I was concerned about crashing but needn't be--very nice people--had a great time still meeting more of the folks in Xing Fu's circle.  

Earlier today, I posted that article from EHarmony--didn't really comment on it but after reading it I have found that most of what was written appears to hold true for us....makes me happy to be in a relationship that works well on the many levels it does--sorta confirms the direction we continue to follow & that we're there for each other. Case in point, this morning, after leaving his place, I drove to Starbucks for my usual fix.  As I was waiting in line, my phone rang--I thought it might have been my son updating me about his current situation, but it was Xing Fu just calling to tell me how much he enjoyed our morning & to have a great day--put a huge smile on my face despite my frustration around my kid.  That's what I mean--those seemingly little things really make it big & I appreciate us all that much more.  

But the weekend looks to be hugely busy...again.  Phish concert tomorrow & sailing on Sunday...a blur as usual.  This blog is great at keeping a good record if nothing else.

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