Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet the Friends

 So as we move forward in this relationship, we start a blending of sorts.  After all of the craziness of the Bar Mitzvah & Xing Fu meeting most, if not all of my friends, he & I are moving more toward a together--a we.  I've met his mom (very nice lady, I must add, & I've enjoyed our times together), but thus far I haven't met too may of his friends.  Of course we overlap with regard to sailing folks so that's one area where we've already been a "we" for a while.  And I have met a few other sailing friends of his that I didn't know from the West River crowd, but up until this point, I haven't met any of Xing Fu's other friends.  

New opportunity this evening to go have dinner with former co-workers of his--people that he's kept in touch with for some time after he left the company.  It is important that both people begin to include the other person with significant people in their lives.  A lot of the dating websites out there as well as the advice columns in women's magazines often say that if the guy doesn't include you in his circle then watch out--he does not see you in his future really.  I'd have to agree with that statement having been on the receiving end of that type of little episode...the dodge & weave...ask to meet the friends & family & it never happens.  So I am very happy to have had that opportunity this evening (even if they were a bunch of "enginerds").  

Also last night was dinner at my folks' house & another opportunity to become more a part of my circle--it was nice & I feel as though things are becoming comfortable between my parents & Xing Fu (of course the ultimate test would be my dad handing him the keys to the sailboat--not sure that will happen, but I can wish).  

Again, upon reflection, it is just easy..and we just realized that we haven't had an argument...

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